Nottingham Cares for Kids

We donated £2,000 via the St. James's Place Foundation to Nottingham Cares for Kids 

Nottingham Cares for Kids offers every Nottingham Primary School child the chance to have a healthy, safe start to the day at a breakfast club in school. Currently it supports 44 school clubs with attendance of over 1,200 children every school day. 

The Breakfast Clubs provide children with a healthy breakfast, which is proven to help their concentration, attendance and social interaction thereby raising educational attainment. 

Breakfast Clubs educate children on the benefits of a healthy diet and nutrition they also help integrate the families with the schools and create better communication between teachers and parents, offering parents the opportunity to go to work/training. Arriving from 8am onwards children eat whilst learning life skills including sitting at a table to eat, manners and interacting with their peers.